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Team AnnHyzer Hyzer Club

Meet our team!

Josh Becerra 

PDGA# 141863

Hey all! I'm Josh and I've been playing disc golf since about March of 2020. My brother first showed me the game after we had lunch one day and went out to buy a bag and filled it with used discs the next. I've played in tournaments in various parts of the country as well as a few in Mexico and hope to play more soon. I already had a prior sports background so picking up the game and learning form and mechanics wasn't too difficult and still, to this day, work on my basics to make sure I'm the best player I can be.
Locally, I assist in running local doubles leagues both with the local club but also the Disc Golf Club at Purdue University. As the academic advisor for the Disc Golf Club at Purdue University, I assist the club and members in anyway I can. Whether it be helping run events, spreading the word of events, or just being at them to build up the numbers. I try to do as much as I can to build up the club and make it bigger and better!

Reina McCarthy

PDGA #160530

My name is Reina McCarthy and I started disc golfing in 2019, professionally in 2020. I'm excited to see what my future holds in disc golf! Disc golf has helped me through hard times and I wouldn't be here without my husband, Josh.

Tashly Hamel "Smashly" 

PDGA #166406

My name is Tashly Hamel, otherwise known as “Smashly”. I started playing disc golf in June 2020 and was immediately hooked to the game. I have played sports my entire life, mainly soccer, but due to injuries I stopped. Disc golf became the perfect outlet during the pandemic and brought sports and competing back into my life. I also enjoyed working on my throwing mechanics and seeing the hard work practicing payoff. About a year into playing, I discovered leagues and tournaments and fell in love with competing again. Since I started competing in May 2021, I have moved up to FA1, increased my rating from 754 to 848, and placed 13th at the Amateur World Championship in 2022. My goals for 2023 include increasing my rating up to 900, compete at Am Worlds and place better than the previous year, and move up to FPO. I am so excited to be a part of the AHC team for 2023!

Dan Champney

PDGA #152607

I started playing Disc Golf to get outside and enjoy good company outdoors. This quickly became a way for me to make new friends, and everyone I’ve met playing disc golf have been people I enjoy spending time with. I met some of my best friends thanks to disc golf. This has helped me when I relocate frequently due to being in the Coast Guard. I really started to play competitive disc golf in 2020 while I lived in Sacramento, CA which created a whole new aspect to the game I love. I plan to hit a rating of 900 this year and peruse competitive play in as many tournaments as I can. Thanks to AnnHyzerHyzer Club and BokSquad I am able to represent and spread the love of Disc Golf to as many people as I can. For anyone just getting into Disc Golf make sure you learn good technique and form to prevent injuries and gain distance! Enjoy the moment and don’t get too caught up when you make a bad shot. Learn to love the moment being surrounded by nature and good company. If you are ever in the Seattle Area hit me up for a round!

Karen Roybal

PDGA #143932

My name is Karen May and I live in the beautiful state of Oregon. I picked up disc golf right before Covid and like a lot of people, fell in love and became part of the BOOM. I am a female disc golf social media influencer known as Bogey Girl, and use my platform to promote and encourage women and girls in this amazing sport. I’m a lefty thrower trying to learn a forehand, I throw LOTS of overstable discs and absolutely swear by the AGL Boabab for predictable, solid upshots everytime! I’ve picked up a few sponsors along the way with my quirky love for the game and enthusiastic, silly content but I am definitely serious about my growth. Follow me on my journey representing AnnhyzerHyzer Club, TeeboxSox, UpperPark Disc Golf, AGL Discs, Rogue Discs and Stellar Disc Golf. I answer ALL messages from my followers and love to meet new friends when I travel!